Blue Like Jazz Review

About 10 years ago I cracked open the book Blue Like Jazz. I couldn’t put it down. It struck a nerve, and in a sense, defined my generation of college students seeking to follow Christ.

Then along came the movie, which I saw last week. The verdict is in….

I loved it.

I thought about the themes for the next two days. I loved the writing and I loved the story…partly because I can relate to Don’s story of struggling to follow Christ in the real world after coming out of a crazy Christian subculture. Once again I feel challenged to love Christ more and love people more. Thanks Don.

Secondly, the description of Portland rings true and yes Christ is still relevant in this weird city. Reed College is exactly as described in regards to weirdness as well. In fact, last year our local paper had a picture of Reed students sunbathing in a tree. Which wouldn’t be weird except that they were naked. Most Reedies study more in real life than in the movie though.

Thirdly, there were a couple of CGI effects that I didn’t love, but the story made it easy for me to forgive.

FINALLY a Christian movie that is real, raw and complex. Sometimes there are no easy answers or resolution in life, but there is humility, forgiveness and love to be found. This would be a movie I wouldn’t hesitate to take my non-Christian friends to continue to spiritual conversations. Do it. Buy tickets and head to your local theater on April 13th. It’s worth it. Here’s the trailer for your viewing pleasure.

***Note: This movie is rated PG-13. There is substantial swearing and scenes of drinking and conversation regarding sexual identity. Basically what I hear everyday riding the bus in Portland. As Steve Taylor (Director) said at the screening, “since when did labeling your movie as a Christian film mean that it has to be safe for the whole family? I’ve read the Bible and I’m pretty sure it would be a lot thinner if we cut out all the stuff that wasn’t safe for the whole family.” Read more about what the Christian Film establishment thinks on Don Millers blog here.

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