Don’t be tech slave

Email Folder

This is my friend Bobby’s email folder. He’s got some work to.

My job with Cru seems to rotate around technology more and more. From using Facebook/Twitter (intentionally of course :)) to just plain checking and responding to email. It’s a constant stream of information that could easily overwhelm. Here’s two tips that help me control and not be controlled by the internets.

  1. Batch your email and designate email times in our day. Don’t check your email constantly all day long. Designate 2 times a day for 20 minutes and process as much email as possible during that time.
  2. Take an internet sabbath. Turn of the phone and computer for 24 hours. My favorite is to do this from Saturday night dinner until Sunday night dinner.

There are a myriad of other tips out there, but those two have been helpful for me lately. More intentionality in processing my email allows for greater freedom to live by my priorities and by observing a technology sabbath my family gets my undivided attention.

What do you do to avoid being consumed by the interweb?

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