Failure and other links

Here’s what I’ve been paying attention to and thinking about this week.

9 Reason why Failure is not Fatal – From the 99% blog that I love! I haven’t watched all the videos yet but they look great.

The Five Ministry Fronts of the City by Tim Keller – Applies to a church but definitely should influence our urban campus ministry.

The Five Posture Toward Ethnic Minority Ministry – Really good article for people that aren’t experienced in ethnic ministry like me. Super helpful for me.

Tim Casteel on how he does ministry at U. of Arkansas – Great idea of creating a document to succently explain your ministry to a new staff or student leader. Makes me want to make one for Portland Metro.

With our tech savvy and urban students I want to put a QR code on our promotional materials that has a link to information and a video from one of our staff welcoming them. How cool would that be? Anybody have any information on this?

Checking out the social media icon wordpress plugin. I might add this to our city website.

I added a landing page to our PDX Cru Facebook page. It welcomes people who are checking out the page for the first time, gives a link to fill out a “Connect with Cru” form as well as some other info. This will be helpful as we advertise on Facebook to connect people early in the term.  (I copied a UCF Cru image on this …I’ll eventually make my own)

Have a great week!

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