Leadership Summit Thought #4 – Outrun Change

The pace of change has gone hypercritical. Maybe you’re experiencing sucess now in your organization, but are you changing as fast as the world around you? Gary Hamel shared these thoughts at the Leadership Summit on how to outrun change

  1. Overcome temptation to take refuge in denial – Face the facts! Humility is a survival method. Stop living in self-dillusion, thinking things are going better than they are.
  2. Generate more strategic options – don’t cling to the familiar to tight…besides change is more exciting than the status quo.speed-limit-change-sign-537
  3. Invite radical idea – We need new ideas that challenge the orthodox. Look at everything your organization does…how long has it been going on? When was the last time we did something different.
  4. Build an organization that doesn’t need super human leaders – Long gone is the need for a top heavy organizations that are dependent on one super-dynamic leader. Allow freedom of innovation from everyone. Our job as leaders now is to mobilize, connect and support this generation of contributors.

The good news is that unexpected change brings unexpected opportunities to interact with our culture about the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. Hamel puts it like this,  “Stop being a prisoner of precedent and a custodian of culture.” Maybe the Christian culture should be leading innovation instead of trying to catch up to it.

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