My favorite iPhone app’s

This is for all you Verizon customers who finally got the iPhone last week. I hope your patience is paying off. Here’s a sampling of the 86 applications I have on my phone. Have fun searching the app store!


  • Evernote – Synch’s with my computer. I use this as a catch all inbox. It can handle text rich stuff, plus pictures of things I want to remember.
  • Simplenote – Auto synch between phone and computer. No more stickies on my computer.
  • Things – This is the task manager app that I use. It’s the most expensive app that I’ve bought at $10, but it’s legit. It synch’s with my computer over a wireless network (cloud synching is coming).
  • Mint – I’m slowly getting this dialed in for our personal budget. My wife has an iPhone too, so she can pull up the grocery budget easily.
  • Dropbox – Access all my¬† files.
  • Google – access all my Google doc’s

Social Media:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Hootsuite – I use this when I want to post something to both Facebook and Twitter at the same time.
  • Reeder – It took me a while to come around to paying for this, but now I love this blog reader.
  • Foursquare – Not everybody likes location based social networks, but it’s been fun watching all the CCC staff members checking all over the city.

City Living:

  • PDXBus – Up to the minute arrival and route info on the public transportation in Portland.
  • Groupon – Cheap deals, plus no need to print off your coupon…just take the iPhone with you.
  • Fandango – Info on movie in your area.
  • Redbox – Rent a movie from your phone at your local red box…no need to stand in the rain.
  • – Find out what that house your driving by is selling for.
  • – When you’re out shopping scan a barcode to see what the price is on Amazon.

Spiritual Life:

  • ESV Bible – I take this to church with me.
  • Bible (YouVersion) – I’m using this to read through the Bible in a year.
  • Knowing God – An evangelistic tool that’s nice to have on hand.
  • God Tools – Great CCC resources (including Soularium).


  • TripIt – Track all your travel information in one place.
  • Craigsphone – Simple version of Craiglist.
  • WebMD – Figure out what ails you.
  • Southwest – Find cheap flights.
  • Netflix – We use this all the time! All the Veggietales you can handle streaming through your phone.
  • Pulse – A customizable news source with a cool interface.
  • Kindle – Read e-books on your phone.
  • Wikipedia – Helps me when I want to look smart.
  • Pandora – All the music you can handle.
  • Keynote Remote – Control your Keynote presentation with your phone and amaze your coworkers
  • Angry Birds – The addictive game for wasting time.

Did I miss anything important out there!


  1. says

    Here are a few of my favorite apps too, though I am a big fan of Evernote, Dropbox, all of the Social Media apps, and most of the others. Here are three that I also like:

    IMDB App-information for movies anytime, anywhere.
    Starbucks Card app- if you have a registered card, you can pay with your phone at any Starbucks store.
    Shopper- its a google app much like the Amazon one, but it helps find deals around you too!

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