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I’m writing a post for the CCC Blogference and I have a question for you. 

Help a brother out….

If you are on staff with Campus Crusade (or another organization) what has been the most influential ministry experience in your life? Think….most defining moment for your development and experience of God. There’s no right or wrong, I’m just doing an informal poll.

Don’t be shy.


  1. says


    Also… I think you are holding an informal poll. Although if you are holding an informal pole I would like to see a picture. And if you are holding an informal Pole I think that as WSN RD it would be my job to contact the Polish consulate.

    • Matt McComas says

      HAHA! I never claimed to be an editor. Was there anything specific about STINT that was influential?

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    Short term mission trips in High School. Our youth group had annual trips to Mexico working with Amor Ministries to build homes for pre-screened applicants who the ministry deemed “qualified” for receiving a free home. My dad was a home builder in Indiana and when he got involved, our group was able to build 4 houses in 4 days. My brother and I were running one of the work crews. The woman receiving the house came to me on the last day and in tears confessed that she was sure that I was an angel sent by God. She had been praying for a house for 7 years so that she could move her family of 10 out of their tar paper shack. We prayed together and thanked God together. That trip was great and it shocked me. It changed my life because I realized that I didn’t have to go to Mexico to impact lives like that. Going somewhere was excellent, but the going opened my eyes up to opportunities all around me back home. There are plenty of people to share Jesus with through words and actions in our lives, every day.

  3. Katie Croft says

    Cojourners was (and continues to be) very influential in my life and walk with Jesus. Many puzzle pieces fell into place after walking through the 4 stages for the first time.
    Cojourners took evangelism out of the “event” category in my mind and helped me see how thinking about others next step toward Jesus is a part of the Christian life. It also defined many steps of faith as a WIN (not just seeing someone trust Christ). The whole thought process made sense and became motivating for me.
    The bonus is that it is easy to pass along to others. Hope that helps Matt!

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    The most defining moments for me have always followed the hardest times/conversations. Like when I had to tell the emcee of our weekly meeting that he could no longer be the emcee. A year later, he really started pursuing Christ, and it was amazing to see how the tough conversation, which was not fun for either of us at the time, was a defining moment in his life. Both of us look back to that moment as a defining point. He helped me grow in confrontation, which helped me appreciate the big picture in ministry.

  5. says

    Somebody teaching me how to initiate spiritual conversations with the Kennedy Questions.

    Cojourners is a close second, mostly because of the rescue list idea.

  6. Stephanie Sauter says

    I think one of the things that totally transformed my experience of God was learning to share my faith and then actually doing it on a Spring Break trip in Las Vegas. I remember being sure that no matter what I did for the rest of my life, sharing my faith HAD to be part of it.

  7. says

    I’m not sure what the most influential thing would be. I think leading as a student and seeing girls come to Christ. Seeing that God could use me even when I didn’t know how to do it all was life changing. Summer project probably led up to that though and equipped me to do that. Although, I think the most life changing thing would be meeting you on summer project and getting you to fall in love and marry me 😉

  8. Bob Schwahn says

    Becoming a local leader at MSU was the most defining. I was completely in over my head and felt totally inadequate. (I guess some things don’t change 11 years later.) It was a time of great dependence on God which drew me very near to Him. God used that time to bring some latent passions and giftings to the surface in my life that have shaped me and sent me on a different trajectory.

    • Matt McComas says

      The venerable Bob Schwahn!

      Thanks for your thoughts my friend. I think putting ourselves in a position of great dependence on the Lord is the root of a lot of growth.

  9. says

    As a student…
    Attending a Winter Conference and learning about the great commission and how I could be a part of it. Very visionary.

    As a staff….
    Doing a STINT. Trusting God with everything. Seeing a student in a closed country commit his life to Christ and then helping develop him.

  10. Shana Brennan says

    Summer project.

    Spending a summer learning to share my faith, my first consistent devotional life, Christian community, and VISION. It was totally like changing. Of course you and Jody met and fell in love there.

  11. says

    Talking to people about Jesus. Every time I get into a spiritual conversation (and I attempt to direct it toward Jesus), I’m reminded of who I am, where I came from, and to whom I owe my life.

  12. Darren Holland says

    Reading LTI! 😉

    You asked for one, but I’m giving you three:

    Summer project, both as student and staff. As a student, similar thoughts to Shana above. Leading one was huge in seeing all the resources, partnerships, labor, planning, and praying that go into moving forward with the mission.

    Being asked to run point on planning a retreat as a student was huge. Didn’t think I could do it, staff leader thought I could. Smaller scale, but similar lessons to leading summer project.

    Going sharing with my MTL as new staff. Todd showed me that sharing the gospel in a bold but relationally sensitive way could bear fruit and that, often times, the barrier wasn’t resistance to the gospel but the fact that they had never truly heard what it means to know God.

  13. Hannah L says

    Having to deal with direct spiritual warfare.

    In my second year of ministry, I had a sunday that almost made me quit the ministry and leave Jesus. The rest of that semester was the hardest time I’ve ever had as a Christian, but also the most fulfilling time in trusting Jesus as my rock and salvation. Through this I’ve learned to trust God more and pray honestly, with more conviction for God to do more.

    Secondly, seeing students come to know Jesus personally and really understand justification by grace through faith. It pushed me share the gospel more boldly and encourage students to do it too.

  14. says

    I think the most formative experience was sharing the gospel with a guy in a closed Asian country and him telling me about his life, and how he had been waiting 2 years for someone to explain to him how to become a Christian. Praying with him and talking with him afterward profoundly impacted my life and was one of the big pushes towards joining staff.

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