Response to Anti 1-1 Discipleship post

In response to my post about anti 1-1 discipleship, I had some great inquiries into what we actually do here at MSU right now. Here is my response to one of those question. It’s a lengthy post, but it’s for you people out there that are inquisitive. :)

We could talk for hours on the subject! Let me preface everything by saying that my thoughts are in no way meant to be judgmental toward any other “structure” of discipleship. I was merely reflecting thoughts on what God has called us to in light of our best contribution as an organization.

Bottomline…we’re not perfect, we don’t have it all figured out.

What we do. Typically a new believer or young believer will start going through some basic content (assurance of salvation, forgiveness, etc.) with a couple of older students. That materially is meant to be about 5 weeks. Beyond that the content varies but all falls under 3 major categories (growing in your day to day life with Christ, being able to communicate your faith, and being able to pour your life into someone else, i.e. Spiritual multiplication). We’re basically teaching the same things as we always have, but it’s done in small groups or in groups of 3 or 4.

For example, if I see a guy in my small group who is struggling with spending time in the Word consistently, I’ll gather him and another student or two (either an older student who needs to know how teach others or another student who’s struggling with the same thing) for a short study on eternal perspective or priorities or time management. Make sense?

I’ve found it grows our depth if I take a student with me to follow up a new believer, because they can turn around (after watching me do it) and teach other students how to do it. It also has fostered a culture of students talking to students about what God is doing in their lives, instead of just the Campus Crusade staff talking.

If you have other questions let me know.




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